What are Your Goals for 2024 ?


Goal Setting

Break down your Goals into bite sized pieces.


The picture represents one of my own goals last year…more in a minute
But why do we often fail at reaching our goals?

The ‘trick’ is not to let them overwhelm you.
Let me explain.

It’s at this time of year that we often set personal or business goals.
And sadly we often fail to achieve them.
Frequently it’s because the goal was too big.
Maybe one those of BHAGs!
Big Hairy Audacious Goals.

Sometimes we set ourselves ‘stretch’ targets that seem almost impossible.
Maybe these are set by our management team at work, and we struggle to see how these targets can be reached. But we go along with it all anyway.

You may have heard that saying………”how do you eat an Elephant”
Answer “in small pieces”

And it’s the same with our personal or business goals.
Don’t get fixated on that seemingly impossble end goal.
Break it down into small manageable pieces, and celebrate the wins along the way.

Remind yourself of the overall goal of course, but stay grounded in reaching the goal for today, the next day and this week.

OK, so back to the photo.

This was my first day of a 1,200km hike across Spain.
I was about 15 kms North of Sevilla my start point.
My destination lay far ahead in the North West.

I honestly didn’t know if I would make it, but I was determined to try.
Many things were against me, apart from age and fitness.
I got sick twice.
I ended up with 2 kgs more than planned in my backpack.
It was far hotter than expected.
And I was already carrying injuries from previous hikes.

But as in the past, I took it day by day.
And on this day, my goal was to reach that small town ahead, Guillena.

I made it OK.

And the next day, my goal was the town of Castilblanco.
And I made that OK too.

Each day, a new goal, a new town, all getting me closer to my destination.

Yes, 1200 kms and 2 months later I arrived at my destination.
All went well.
Injuries were managed, gear held up, a few plans were adjusted along the way.

The next walk might be a bit longer…….


My point?


By all means set yourself impressive goals for 2024, be they personal or work related.

But the key to success in my mind, is that you and others around you, can see a clear step by step path to the goal. And each of those steps needs to be manageable, achievable and measurable.

Lastly, enjoy the journey and celebrate the wins along the way!

Good luck with your 2024 Goals.



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