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Rob is a very enthusiastic and active speaker at many industry events through the year across the Region. And having been a practitioner, consultant and coach in Supply Chain since 1975 he has a wealth of tips and insights to share.

He even runs his own rather unique conference. (see below)

Previous and upcoming speaking engagements can be viewed at Conference Engagements.  Where he can manage, Rob is happy to add other engagements to his schedule.

Though since launching Supply Chain Leaders Academy that takes up much of his time, and some part time University lecturing in Thailand, Rob is trying to limit his conference engagements to 1 or 2 selected engagements per year.

For conference organisers wishing to book Rob, examples of feedback on Rob’s presentations are

  • Highly informative and very insightful
  • Polished and highly entertaining speaker
  • Clear delivery of concepts and well explained
  • Very topical. Good information, Well presented
  • Very good presentation, Great information
  • Great coverage of the topic, an Interesting session
  • Very practical, insightful
  • Thorough and well presented
  • A complex topic explained in simple terms even I could understand!
  • Interesting and thought provoking
  • OK, now I understand Supply Chain!




“Rob O’Byrne was a guest speaker at one of our CEO forums held in Melbourne. He covered the new world of Supply Chain Management and the feedback from the CEO’s after the event was very positive. He had created specific material that CEOs could relate to, showed them where extra value is sitting in their organisations and provided specific insights they could use when they get back to their management team. This customisation gavethem valuable take-aways on the subject. We hope to have Rob address another group of CEO members in Sydney.”

-Richard Lindell, Director, International CEO Forum

For a Supply Chain Conference with a real difference, you might want to check out Supply Chain Leaders Insights.  www.supplychainleadersinsights.com.au/

Rob facilitates this event which is really a training and coaching session in small groups with 20+ industry leaders.  Well worth a look. And all ticket sales go to Charity!

If you would like to discuss a conference speaking engagement with Rob, feel free to contact him directly.

Email or Cell +61 417 417 307