Rob O’Byrne

Biography Real Version (the one he’ll share over coffee)

 And he’ll try tell you this is the 2 minute version! But it will take 30 minutes….

Rob goes at everything at one speed, 100 mph. Probably due to his ADD! It gives you multi-tasking “on steroids”! Was always in trouble!

Grew up believing he was stupid and started ‘going off the rails’. Thrown out of School at age 15 and told he would never amount to anything. With ‘no other option’ joined the Army at age 15.

The discipline and structure was just the right thing at the right time. A Sergeant at age 22, he was ‘pulled aside’ and told to stop playing around and apply for a Commission (Officer Training)

With a great Boss (great mentor) providing support and organising extra tuition and leadership training he made it Officer training in 1981.

Aged 24. Then things took off.

Starts his own not for profit conferences, just because he believes conferences should be good, cheap and open to anyone.

In 2012, founds and funds a Social Enterprise in the Philippines called Virtual Done Well, that provides Virtual Assistants to help small business owners (this business runs a number of charitable programs in the local community).

In 2012 becomes a business partner of the ‘Business for Good’ program allocating a proportion of profits to a range of Worthy Causes around the World.

In 2015, discovers the ancient Christian Pilgrimage known as the Camino de Santiago. An 800 km walk across Spain. Walks alone, grossly overweight and unfit, but fuelled by his Pig Headedness and ADD………..makes it in one piece. Along the way, discovers himself, and a greater purpose. Amongst other things. (another long story, you have been warned)

Now planning his 4th Camino Pilgrimage!

And at age 62, (as at 2020) will probably never retire, but plans to arrive at the Pearly Gates at some stage, slightly worse for wear and in a hurry to see what’s next!

And what has this journey taught him?

To Quote John Holmes………. (the Poet not the Porn Star)

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up”

Available to speak passionately about anything under the Sun, as long as it involves “Empowering Others to Succeed”

(But he doesn’t do bar mitzvahs or weddings………….)


Phone Number: 0417417307