We are thrilled to introduce our upcoming online coaching sessions designed for those who are passionate about Supply Chain and Logistics!

If you are someone who is always eager to expand your knowledge in Supply Chain and Logistics, these sessions are perfect for you. We have curated a list of engaging topics, and we want you to help us choose which one to start with.


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Over the years, Logistics Bureau has been dedicated to providing valuable online and in-person events for the industry. However, it’s been a while since our last event, and I’ve felt quite guilty about that. To remedy this, we’re launching something new: online coaching sessions. These sessions will be concise, lasting 20-30 minutes each, and will take place monthly. Best of all, they’re free of any sales pitches. Each session will delve deeply into a specific supply chain topic, and we’ll have a Q&A session at the end.

We’re starting in about six weeks, and we want you to decide our first topic.


Choose the topic here:


  1. Easy Ways to Improve Warehouse Capacity and Productivity
  2. Common Misunderstandings with Freight Rates
  3. Why 10% of Your Customer Orders Lose Money and How to Fix It
  4. How to Boost Delivery Performance and Reduce Costs
  5. Why Your Distribution Network Could Be Costing You More Than It Should
  6. Top 3PL Outsourcing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them
  7. Making Sense of Your Inventory Profile to Reduce Working Capital


Please comment with the number of the topic that interests you the most or suggest another one.


To participate, simply register at logisticsbureau.com/events.


Make sure you don’t miss out! The sessions will probably be hosted on Zoom or GoToWebinar. We ask that you register only yourself to prevent spam. If you’d like your colleagues to join, share the registration link with them so they can sign up individually. We strive to maintain a professional and respectful approach in our communications.

If these sessions are successful and well-received, we plan to continue them on a monthly basis, providing ongoing education and insights into the world of Supply Chain and Logistics. We look forward to your participation and input in making these sessions a valuable resource for everyone involved.


Editor’s Note: The content of this post was originally published on Logistics Bureau’s website dated June 12, 2024, under the title “Supply Chain & Logistics Coaching Coming Soon Online – Pick Your Topics


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