Are you curious about embarking on a career in Supply Chain? Navigating this dynamic field requires understanding the initial steps and gaining valuable insights from experienced professionals.

Recently, we had the pleasure of speaking with Maria Villablanca, who shared her journey and expertise in the Supply Chain industry. During our conversation, Maria offered invaluable advice for aspiring Supply Chain professionals.

If you’re considering this career path, her insights could provide the guidance you need to take that crucial first step.

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One of the things that fascinates me is how people get into supply chain. I fell into it quite by accident, but that’s another story. We’re going to hear from Maria Villablanca about how she got into supply chain.


How People Get Into Supply Chain?


Rob: Maria, great to meet you again. It’s a question that a lot of people ask how we get into different careers. How on earth did you get into supply chain?

Maria: It’s funny because I get asked that a lot. Many people my age fell into it. I was on track to be a lawyer but didn’t finish university due to family reasons. I got a supply chain job in Chile at a winery. It started with import-export tasks— sourcing, procurement, and handling everything related to the manufacturing and supply chain process. I fell in love with it.


The Appeal and Complexity of Supply Chain


Maria: I was fascinated by the complexity and depth of supply chain work. For about five years, I worked in the food manufacturing space, becoming a bit of a wine snob. The experience made me realize how critical supply chains are—they make the world go round. During the pandemic, supply chains kept the world turning, keeping hospitals supplied and essential services running. It’s a crucial field, and I love highlighting that.

Rob: The supply chain industry is fascinating. There’s so many moving parts, and it appeals to people who love engineering and analytics. What advice would you give to those keen to get into a supply chain job?

Maria: The pandemic elevated the profile of supply chains. It’s now a mainstream topic. If you’re looking to get into a supply chain job, know that it’s an exciting area with opportunities to innovate and drive change. Supply chains can address sustainability and consumption issues. It’s not just about engineering; commercialism, operations, and people skills are equally important.


Advice for Aspiring Supply Chain Professionals


Rob: What steps should someone take to get into a supply chain job?

Maria: First, listen to podcasts and consume content about supply chains. Next, network with professionals in the field. Universities offer great programs, and trade associations provide valuable resources. There are many jobs available, and we need the next generation to step up.

Rob: Great tips! Join local industry associations, meet people, and start networking.

Maria: Absolutely!

Rob: Maria, it’s been great talking to you. Thanks for joining us. We’ll share some links to follow up on Maria’s work. Thanks for joining us.


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Editor’s Note: The content of this post was originally published on Logistics Bureau’s website dated May 01, 2024, under the title “Why Choose Supply Chain As Your First Job?



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