The workforce is changing, none of us would doubt that.

But sometimes certain generations ‘cop a bit of flack’ as we tend to say in Australia.

This is often ‘old farts’ like me and older (62 at the time of writing) complaining about the younger generations and their attitudes to work.

Quite frankly I’d much rather work with younger than older people! Am I allowed to say that? LOL

But regardless of age, what ‘type’ of people do you like to hire and work with?

For me it’s simple.

I want people around me who share the same values, and I want to be energised and inspired by them.

I’m not sure if you know, but one of my businesses is a Social Enterprise in the Philippines that provides Virtual Assistant Services to Small Business owners and Entrepreneurs.

I recently asked one of our Team, ‘Maria’, what makes a good client or good company to work for?

Here’s her response. Totally off the cuff. I had no idea what she might say!