Entrepreneur and consultant, Rob O’Byrne, says he can no longer keep to himself the ‘secret sauce’ that has helped him drastically cut back his working hours, and boost his business income. At this public seminar, he will reveal the colossal differences a virtual assistant can make to your business.

Seriously! Virtual Assistants Can Win You More Time and Money

So you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur? How many hours do you work a week? How many hours on your business, how many hours in your business?

Rob O’Byrne says that nine years ago he was putting in 80—100 hours a week, “absolutely killing” himself trying to do all the tasks in his business.

“I think this is a very common thing for small business owners and entrepreneurs, but it doesn’t need to be like that.”

Rob found a “secret sauce” about eight years ago that allowed him to cut back his working commitments from eighty-plus hours a week to around 50, and which also allows him to take three months’ holiday a year —all while actively directing his six—count them—six, businesses.

Learn Rob’s Secret at a Free Seminar in Sydney on November 26

The secret sauce for me has been tapping into really expert resources overseas at a much, much lower cost than here in my home country.”

During his three-hour, More Time More Money seminar, Rob will share valuable information that he wishes he could have learned at a seminar eight years ago. His insights will include:

  • Where your time goes, and what you SHOULD be focusing on
  • What virtual assistants are, and what they are not
  • How to go about finding and hiring Vas
  • How to communicate with a virtual assistant
  • How to pay offshore virtual assistants
  • How your VA can actually boost your sales
  • What things you could outsource to grow your business
  • Understanding cultural issues
  • How to get started with outsourcing
  • The costs involved in outsourcing
  • Admin outsourcing
  • What works and what doesn’t

“I will take you step by step through the process so that you will know by the end of the seminar whether a virtual assistant is going to help you get your time back, and where you can find them.”

Why has Rob called the event “More Time, More Money”?

Because, he says, that is what all small business owners and entrepreneurs want. They work too many hours and don’t seem to get the rewards.

“This secret sauce that I am sharing with you will give you that time, and give you that extra income in the business.”

Importantly, says Rob, outsourcing has helped him to develop more businesses, and employ more people locally in Australia.

The Team at Virtual Done Well

At the seminar, Rob will reveal details about his team of virtual assistants—the ones who allow him to take his foot off the pedal and hand over to his “co-drivers” from time to time.

They are a dynamic group based in the Philippines, operating as Virtual Done Well (VDW) and comprising researchers, telemarketers, social media managers, graphic and digital designers, and website design and management professionals.

A Two-Way Flow

While the team has become essential to his business, Rob also regards VDW as a “social enterprise” that he funds.

He has recently realised that trying to keep VDW a secret to avoid attention from his competitors is contrary to the group’s promotional and marketing mission, and its ability to grow as a business.

It is more important, he says, to share his secrets and promote VDW’s excellent service—and in the process help small business owners and entrepreneurs free up their time, and maximise their business-related energies.

“I will share all the mistakes that I have made so that you don’t have to make them as well. I have seen so many small business owners and entrepreneurs really struggling and they just don’t realise how easy it is to tap into this kind of support.”

Special Guest Star—Sally Illingworth

Sally is a strategic business advisor and communications strategist, specialising in digital influence. She is highly successful in social media in growing businesses and will be sharing tips on this subject at the seminar.

As one of Australia’s leading LinkedIn media personalities, Sally boasts more than 700 profile views per day. She is clearly a popular leader in her field!

Why Would You Not be There?

“It’s going to be a fantastic event. And it’s free! You would be nuts not to come along.”

Rob adds that the seminar would be especially suitable if you are a small business owner in professional services, consulting, coaching, online business, training, or education.

“Heck, in fact any small business!”

There are limited places and these are going fast. Don’t lose out. Book for Rob’s free More Time More Money seminar NOW!