Since founding Logistics Bureau I really hadn’t had the opportunity to take a proper break from work and to reflect on where things were going. That is why I decided to take this 40-day long pilgrimage in Spain.

Taking time out to reflect on things with no distractions, unplugged me from my normal life and gave me valuable lessons both in my personal life and in business. The experience refocused me to think deeper about my priorities. (I’ve now completed this walk three times so far!)

You might find a couple of useful lessons in this video. Feel free to leave a comment below, particularly if you’ve had similar experiences or reflections in life:

It can be very easy to just be on the treadmill of life, the treadmill of business, and you kind of forget where you’re going, and this was a great way to refocus.

Note: As at 2019, I have undertaken this Pilgrimage 3 times. Many more to come I hope.

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in June 2015, under the title “If you were given the Time to Think” in Logistics Bureau’s website.

Best Regards,
Rob O’Byrne