I constantly remind people; our consulting clients and our members at Supply Chain School, that superior performance comes from a really efficient and effective Supply Chain.  And how important it is to measure the right KPIs and set the right goals.

And then I realised………I’m not really practicing what I preach!  Because whilst I do all of these things in my businesses, I don’t really apply these principles that well when it comes to me…  Like many middle aged men who have office jobs, I’ve rather let myself go in recent years.  The last 20 years in fact.  From being really fit and active, quite simply now I’m NOT.  And really quite over weight too.

So just like improving the performance of a Supply Chain, I need to do the same thing personally.  But being rather competitive and goal oriented.  I needed a target.  And the best way to help reach a target is to make it public!  Rather like announcing to the World that you are giving up smoking.  I did that years ago……..another story.

So last week I announced to our members at Supply Chain School what my ‘getting fit’ goal was going to be.   And the process I went through in selecting my Goal.  Walking the last 100kms to the North Pole, Everest base camp, Kokoda….  And how all of these had been vetoed by my wife Pat who did not really want to ‘lose’ her husband due to some ego related fitness Goal.

And then I came up with it.  A goal to get fit, something Pat and I could train for together, and something that would challenge and stretch me both physically and mentally, but would be really rewarding.  And this is it.  ( I was amazed and so pleased that Pat was happy for me to ‘take 2 months off’ to do this)

The Camino de Santiago.  A Pilgrim’s Walk across Northern Spain.  (800 kms ish)  Right now I’m getting into training, which will take a while, as I need to lose at least 15 kgs first!   ……  Watch this space.



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P.S.  I actually completed the 800 km walk in June 2015.  I share some thoughts here: Reflections on a rather Long Walk

My Camino journey is documented here: Rob’s Camino.