Boosting our Future Supply Chain Leaders

I don’t know whether it’s a sign of age or maybe I’ve just been around the industry a long time!  But I really do enjoy helping boost our future Supply Chain Leaders.  I’ve managed to find a few ways to do that in recent years, to provide a range of education ad knowledge building options to suit everyone.

There are a few more on the ‘drawing board’ as well…


Supply Chain Books

I started off by writing a really practical series of Supply Chain and Logistics related books.  Not too academic, but based on real life practical experience.  And these include many of the things that traditional education programs don’t cover.

Supply Chain Secrets Books

You can find those over here:  Supply Chain Books  The ‘series‘ tab shows each of the books in the series.


Online Supply Chain Education Program

This is a really useful resource. Our Supply Chain Secrets is basically a 12 month online Supply Chain Education Program.  It centres around weekly eClasses that come direct to your inbox.  And we’re just about to upgrade the program with eBooks, webinars and videos.


Supply Chain School

This is a program that I really enjoy, because it means I get to spend time with a whole community of smart ambitious people in a ‘live’ education environment.  Supply Chain School is based  around 3 two-day Schools a year, supplemented with weekly eClasses, videos, webinars, site visits and mentoring calls.  You can check out the program here: Supply Chain School.

Supply Chain School

Make sure you look at the Supply Chain School Blog that has lots of information about the program, as well as member feedback videos.  The Supply Chain School FAQ page is worth looking at too.


I look forward to meeting you via one of my Education Programs very soon.


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