That could be a song title couldn’t it?

Well, what I actually ‘did again’ was to take time out.  ‘Proper’ time out. I think this is really important at all levels in your career but it becomes harder and probably more important the older and more senior you get.

It’s all too easy to take on the problems of the World and forget to make time for yourself, to recharge your batteries and think about the future.  It took me decades to learn this lesson.  I hope you are not falling into the same trap!

So; having said I would never do it again.  I did!   I walked the Camino de Santiago last month, this time with my wife Pat.  I’m told walking the Camino is a bit like childbirth………   After a few months you forget all the pain and want to do it again 🙂

These were my reflections after the walk last year, and I’m not sure I could say it any better second time around.  In this short (7 minute) video I reflect on aspects and some ‘business’ related lessons such as:

  1. Establishing Priorities.
  2. Achieving big goals, and
  3. Balancing Career and ‘Life’

Reflections on rather a Long Walk



And Yes……..we’ll probably do it again 🙂

Taking Time Out

Taking Time Out is Important!


I hope you can get some quality ‘unplugged’ time away from work too…….


Best Regards

Rob O’Byrne


Many thanks to David, Chau, Steven, Paul, Jam and the rest of the LB team for keeping the wheels turning whilst I was away.