It’s my own fault, I realise that.

It comes from having a very visible online profile. At the last count, 8 Blogs, 3 YouTube Channels and about 8 or 9 Social Media accounts. I know! But I like to try things out and then rather than turn them off I just keep them going… (Shooting starts for another YouTube Channel this weekend)


Is this a Millennial or Gen Z thing? You see I get lots of comments and questions across all these channels. Which is great. I love to share information and empower others.


At least 3 – 4 times a week, I’l get something like this.

“Blockchain will revolutionise the Supply Chain by 2025. Discuss. Rob, can you answer this question for me?”


“AI will become integral to all aspects of the Supply Chain and eventually lead to a labour reduction of 10-15%. By what year do you think this will happen? And will it impact some countries more than others. Mr Rob. Can you answer this please?”

So as an old friend used to say, It doesn’t take the brains of an Arch Bishop to understand what’s going on here” (side note. He actually said that once to a Bishop of Armagh. His Boss was not impressed.)

You see my point though, right? People feed me their essay or exam questions and expect me to provide the answers. Every week!

What’s you view on this? Is it:

  1. Just being resourceful?
  2. An obvious thing to do in the age of Social Media!
  3. Merely being lazy?

My concern, is that the people asking these questions, are also asking dozens of people online very similar questions, and not really learning anything in the process!

Surely by research and reading, we actually learn? It’s not called ‘reading for a degree’ by accident.

Love to hear your thoughts below…… Am I just being a Dinosaur?