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Dawson Consulting – Supply Chain Consultants

Posted on April 6, 2015 in News

Dawson Consulting to re-launch.

Dawson Consulting, for many years the leading Supply Chain consulting firm in Australia, was acquired by Logistics Bureau in 2007.


Dawson Consulting - Supply Chain Consultants


Since that time it has remained somewhat dormant as a brand.

Rob O’Byrne, owner and Group CEO of the Logistics Bureau Group has now decided it is time for Dawson Consulting to be a more active part of the Group.

Mr O’Byrne recently remarked “we want to bring an alternative Supply Chain consulting offer to the Australian market, and the Dawson Consulting brand will be the ideal vehicle for us to do this, given its long standing presence and reputation in the market“.

Asked how this new supply chain consulting offer would differ from that of others in the Group such as Logistics Bureau, Logistics Bureau Asia and Benchmarking Success, O’Byrne explained:  “If you think of the airlines analogy, I want to bring Dawson Consulting to the market to be the Jetstar of the Logistics Bureau Group”.

He further remarked, “There is a need for quality ‘no frills’ management consulting across a discrete range of services, for those smaller and budget constrained organisations that still seek to gain a competitive edge in their Supply Chain.  Dawson Consulting will do just that, across a range of services that will be selected to deliver highly cost effective outcomes”.


For further details, contact Rob O’Byrne directly, email or +61 417 417 307.


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